Tuesday, January 29, 2013

STOP Smoking - STOP Damage Your Brain!

8:32 PM
According to new study conducted by scientists at London’s King’s College, smoke 'rots' the brain by damaging memory, smoking can actually cause your brain damage.

smoking can damage brain

Smoking can ruin your teeth, your breath and your brain

The scientists conducted their research by gathering more than 8,000 people over the age of 50 and conducting numerous brain and intelligence tests. These tests such as such as teaching them new words and seeing how well they retained the information were done every four years beginning in 2000.

The results found a 'consistent association' between smoking and lower scores in the test. Additionally, overall risk of a heart attack or stroke was 'significantly associated with cognitive decline.'

Another recent study conducted by scientists at Anhui Medical University in China found that exposure to second-hand smoke could actually lead to dementia.
It’s all linked to a concept called 'neuroplasticity' which the brain actually regrows nerve endings and repairs itself, as long as the mind remains stimulated.

So, If you have any history of smoking, you are definitely at risk.

Smoking can ruin your teeth, your lungs, and especially your breath. And now, smoking can actually damage your brain!


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