Thursday, January 31, 2013

Best Android Apps to make Free Calls Over WiFi

8:18 AM
free calls from android Do you want free call from your android device? This VoIP (Voice over IP) apps let you make free calls and send free messages to any device over 3G or WiFi connection. Viber for Android is one of the most popular apps to make free calls over WiFi connection.

Viber is an application that lets you make free phone calls, send tex tmessages and photo messages for free to anyone who also has viber apps installed.

Viber for Android integrates with the OS to give you the best experience and performance. Viber syncs with your contacts, and detects who already has Viber.
Simply select a contact - no invitations, adding or approving- and just talk for free.

Viber for Android Main Features

- Quality VoIP calls using 3G or Wi-Fi
- Free text and photo messages with location
- Group messaging - up to 15 friends
- No registration, passwords or invitations required

Group Messaging

Enjoy group messaging with all your friends, anywhere, anytime. You can use the “Smart notifications” option that reduces the amount of notifications without missing out on anything.

Quick Reply Popup

Reply to message without having to stop what you’re doing. New messages will pop-up and disappear once you’re done. You can also see several messages right from your main screen.

How to Get Viber?

Visit GooglePlay, search for Viber, install apps and start talking! It’s free!


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