Tuesday, January 15, 2013

eBay App For Android - Update Review Tips and Trick

9:34 PM
ebay app for android phone The latest update of eBay app for android phone is the best we’ve seen. This apps easy to use, full of features, and sure to keep eBayers buying, selling and browsing for a good item.
With a slick and streamlined UI, eBay app version 2.1.1 easy profile managing features and a new, faster way of listing items from your Android device, there’s a lot here to get used to.

Here are some new features of eBay app, and how you should be using app features to get the most out of your mobile Android eBay experience!

Watch for bid

If you can’t decide whether to bid or not, tap on the eye icon on the item you’re considering. This will add it to your watch list. Combine this action with the next tip for fool proof eBaying.

Sell an item is pretty self explanatory. Tapping on it guides you through the process of putting something up for sale on eBay. It’s remarkably simple, and there are hints for each step. You can even scan an item’s barcode to get it up

App Notifications

Changing app Notifications settings can mean the difference between snagging a bargain and missing out. Set your device to remind you when watched items are about to end.

The Reminders bar tells you if you have any pressing eBay business to attend to, such as paying for items or posting things you’ve sold. You can check your messages and see what your favourite sellers are up to as well with a single tap

eBay Deals shows you the best discounts on the site at the moment, letting you search through them by category, as well as displaying the most popular. They change regularly so it’s an easy way to make sure you’re not missing out on a bargain

Search 'n look

Tapping on Categories is the quickest way to browse through the different categories that are full of the millions of items for sale on eBay. If you’d prefer to be more specific, you just have to tap the magnifying glass above to type in a search.

If you’d rather look at items from another country’s eBay site, head to the Settings menu and tap on Selected eBay site. Now you can find a bargain in a completely different time zone.

eBay app version 2.1.1 is simple, convenient and easy to use, eBay for Android app makes buying and selling on eBay fast and fun! This app is a must have for any Android user.


  1. Till the last update it was great, I loved the app and it was much to do on it but now I feel there should be something more on it that can be more useful.


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