Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Most Popular Android Weather Apps - WeatherBug

9:26 PM
With our weather system changing by the day, having apps like WeatherBug around is extremely reassuring. WeatherBug is a great example of how implementing comprehensive software with simple design can make a popular app.

best weather data application for android

The various features help to provide a full weather analysis app, offering users the chance to see a full forecast, latest weather alerts, radar warning and the current conditions in their specific area.
One of the best things about using WeatherBug is that the development team behind the app are always looking for ways to improve their software, and with the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. WeatherBug were first on the scene to offer up-to-the-minute storm warnings and forecasts for anyone nearby.

What makes WeatherBug a hit?
  • Where are you?
    WeatherBug automatically locks on to your location using your phone’s GPS to provide accurate weather information for your area
  • Alerts
    If any severe weather warnings are alerted in your area, WeatherBug will give you all the information you need as soon as it has been available
  • Lifestyle forecasts
    The journal tab located at the bottom of the app will give you lifestyle-based forecasts. For example, there’s a forecast letting you know whether you’ll be able to play golf that day, as well as one that will alert you to pollen counts in your area
  • The days ahead
    The extended forecast provides users with a comprehensive guide of what to expect weather-wise in their local area. Each day can be expanded on, allowing you to see when to expect that oncoming storm

Q&A with WeatherBug’s chief marketing officer, Amena Ali

Why do you feel people choose WeatherBug over one of the other weather-based apps available on the Play store?
Millions of people choose WeatherBug over other weather apps because of our vastly superior weather data, accuracy and alerting capabilities.

They recognise our current conditions and forecasts are spot-on and that our weather alerts are fast and targeted. Plus, people recognise and trust WeatherBug. Mobile users know they can turn to WeatherBug for detailed and accurate weather information. We operate the world’s largest network for delivering real-time weather data and currently provide forecasts for 60,000 cities.

Our network includes 10,000 street-level, professional-grade sensors availableonly to WeatherBug users, and we partner with meteorological agencies all over the world to provide weather data from their sensors as well.

What are your three personal favourite features in WeatherBug?
  1. When I’m travelling, I personally like WeatherBug’s My Location feature that automatically updates my weather information to the closest weather station using the GPS on my phone.
  2. Another great feature is our Pin-Point Map Conditions that make it fast and easy to get the weather for the locations you choose. When you press and hold anywhere on the map, you can drop a virtual pin to view current conditions and add locations to your favourites list.
  3. With my busy schedule, I use WeatherBug to get very detailed current conditions with just a couple of clicks. I also love being able to check the weather in my favourite cities around the world and at my kids’ school.

What are your plans for WeatherBug in the future?
We are passionate about keeping people safe from severe weather. In this day and age, everyone should know when dangerous weather is heading in their direction. Our severe weather alerts are helping to provide advanced warning, and are becoming even better as we continually fine-tune our technology.

Weather is a leading mobile category and will always be top-of-mind. Almost everyone wants more weather data. To meet this demand, we are continuously adding more stations to our network in places where people live and work. We’re also seeking out new ways to utilise our data to keep mobile users safer from extreme weather.


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