Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Make Beautiful Women Laugh

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Make Beautiful Women LaughIt doesn't matter even if you are poor, ugly, fat and uneducated. As long as you are able to make women laugh, you can easily make them fall in love with you. Just look around you. Have you ever seen a gorgeous lady walking with the most unlikely candidate? He is ugly and fat, and he certainly doesn't look like he is rich. Most certainly, he has mastered the science of how to make weman laugh.

So how do I make a women laugh?
First, you need to know about something that most books or experts won't tell you. All women are different and they laugh at different things. Therefore, you may have to test what kind of humor they respond to. However, this is a study by itself and we shall not focus on it at this moment.
This article will focus on some basic knowledge you need to know. Do not underestimate them. These are the foundations and if you want to become proficient at making women laugh, you need to master the basics.

Firstly, your mindset is extremely important. Most men remain mediocre in making women laugh because of their limited mindset. Once they get rejected, they never want to try again. Remember, making women laugh is a skill just like riding a bicycle. You only become proficient through continuous practice. Do not give up just because you did not succeed after the first trial. If you persist, you will definitely become better.
Next, try not to use jokes unless they are extremely appropriate to the situation. Try to imagine you are a women and a guy is trying to tell you a joke. "Hey, let me tell you a joke. It is so funny." Will you laugh? Most likely not. Another problem is she may have heard of the joke before. In fact, you may make her feel uncomfortable as she feels obligated to laugh so as not to embarrass you.

The when, where and how is also critical. You don't try to be funny when you can sense that she is not in the mood to laugh. Some jokes work in certain place but not in all places. How you tell it is also important and it will depend on your own personality. For example, some laughter lines are best delivered using a deadpan expression, trying to act stupid. Sometimes you need to exaggerate with your voice and body language.

Remember, how to make women laugh is a science. This means you can master it if you learn about it and practice what you have learned.


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